Our Studio

Located in the space formerly occupied by the original Younique Yoga in Cedar Grove, Flux is proud to return to the beautiful, newly-designed, enhanced studio that serves as a welcoming retreat for yogis. The expansive sun-lit room provides room for dozens of students comfortably with a full-length mirror that spans the length of the space to allow students to study their practice and take inspiration from classmates. The new state-of-the-art sound system, updated and spacious reception area, welcoming staff and multiple class offerings seven days a week, will enhance your experience and welcome you into the world of hot yoga.

About Amy

As a busy mother to three very active kids, Amy White first walked into a yoga studio in 2009, came to her mat and never looked back. Initially driven to her practice as a means to exercise and stay fit, she was taken aback by the considerable emotional and physical benefits she experienced with yoga. Many of her closest friends today are a direct result of the camaraderie she felt in the studio and was compelled, in 2011, to get her own certification as an instructor. From there, she became a tireless champion of the practice and has helped many beginners – including her son’s hockey team – to give yoga a try. Her rich understanding of how to inspire yogis of every level to challenge themselves – physically and spiritually – fueled her vision to open Flux in 2019. Amy is fully supportive of the notion that yoga is a journey and not a destination. With Flux, she proudly welcomes others to join her on this journey as we continually strive to be our absolute best.

What to expect

Your Experience

At Flux Yoga, you can expect a warm and positive environment, a heated studio and an escape from life’s daily challenges.  Our hot yoga studio is heated to 100° and up, and our staff is trained to work with students of every level and are here to guide and support you every step of the way.

What To Bring

  • A Yoga Mat
  • Breathable Workout Clothes
  • Water
  • Towel

If you are new to yoga, all you need to bring is you! ​We will provide you with everything else you may need for the visit.


Our classes and sessions are a communal, social experience.  You and your classmates will appreciate a warm, safe and inviting environment.  Please be aware of your surroundings and help us to create a wonderful experience for everyone.

  • Prior to class, please check-in at the front desk.
  • Please arrive on time. We recommend being 10 minutes early to set up.
  • To respect everyone's experience, the studio doors will close at the start of class.
  • Please remove any footwear prior to entering the rooms.
  • Upon entering Flux Yoga room, please silence your technology.
  • If you are renting a yoga mat, please clean the mat after class with our provided cleanser and return to the front desk.

Class Description

Vinyasa Flow 60

Our vinyasa flow 60min class is an all-levels class that builds on the basic foundational postures. This open level hot yoga class, set to music, encourages both strength and flexibility in body and mind through a series of poses in an adaptable and challenging sequence. Classes are a well-rounded balance of static holds and fluid movement, set by each individual teacher to connect body, mind, and breath.

Vinyasa Flow 75

Our vinyasa flow 75min hot yoga class builds on basic foundational postures. Encouraging both strength and flexibility in body and mind, a series of poses are set to music in an adaptable and challenging sequence. Classes are a well-rounded balance of static holds and fluid movement, set by each individual teacher to connect body, mind, and breath. These classes are open to all levels.