200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training


“If you want to learn something, read about it. If you want to understand it, write about it. If you want to master it, teach it.”—Yogi Bhajan

Our Curriculum

This is a vinyasa flow training program. Vinyasa flow is a breath synchronized moving meditation. Our studio is registered as an RYS (registered yoga school) with Yoga Alliance. Our curriculum is based on the Yoga Alliance 200-hour curriculum. We cover Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics, Techniques Training, Teaching Methodology, and Anatomy and Physiology.

  • Asanas (the poses)
    • proper alignment
    • verbal and manual adjustments
    • how to structure a class
    • how to instruct a class clearly and concisely
    • basic and advanced sequencing
  • Pranayama (breathing techniques) workshop-that also covers mudras, mantras and chanting; and how to use them as meditation tools
  • Prana and the Vayus
  • The Eight Limbs of Yoga “the yogic path to enlightenment”
  • Chakras “the subtle energy system”
  • Kleshas afflictions that hinder our spiritual development
  • Ayurveda “the science of life”-workshop on the doshas
  • Anatomy and Physiology workshop
  • Sanskrit
  • The Business of Yoga

Our Lead TrainerERYT 500

Kelly Santucci

I have been practicing and teaching yoga for 15 years. With my dance background, practicing and teaching yoga came naturally to me. I love the fluid flow of the vinyasa yoga practice, the freedom to be creative in the way I construct my classes and finding new and fun ways to transition from one pose to the next. I have been running this program since 2011 and I’ve trained over 200 instructors. Teacher training is so much fun and it’s a great way to enhance your practice. If you love yoga, you’ll love the wonderful journey you take transitioning from yoga student to yoga teacher. The best part of teacher training for me is being able to witness this beautiful transformation every time I run a training program. All of our teachers come out of training fully prepared to teach. Everyone begins at different levels and we all grow through this experience together!

Our curriculum and course requirements are handed out on the first day of training. During that session we review the entire curriculum, so you know what’s to come. You do have to practice a minimum of 3 times a week as well as complete required readings and assignments. The books you need to order will be listed in the Welcome Email that I send to all the trainees a week before training begins. You will be given several opportunities to create and teach mini yoga classes throughout the program. This is an important part of the training program because it allows you to teach in an environment that is supportive and encouraging. We offer you constructive feedback and help you to come into your own as a yoga teacher. We only hire from within, so this training program empowers you to get out there and teach classes to our amazing yoga community!

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I have been wanting to do the yoga teacher training with Kelly for years, (I actually looked back through my emails and found my first message inquiring about the program in 2016). I decided to finally commit at a time in my life where I felt “this is it, let’s do it once and for all” and being able to partake in this incredible experience has been enlightening in so many ways. The overall program incorporates everything from yoga-history, anatomy, breath work, meditation, chakras, technique and well beyond. But most importantly, Kelly and this unique program extends you the tools to be able to teach yoga from the very beginning of the session, which I feel sets this training program apart from most. Kelly Santucci is the best there is, no question, and this program and the overall experience is nothing short of amazing.



This yoga teacher training course is nothing short of exceptional. The format of the program is unique in that it's designed to incorporate ALL aspects of the practice. The teaching of yoga requires the understanding of not only the fundamental asanas but also its relation to breath-work, anatomy, and spirituality, among countless other facets. This YTT program offers all of that and more. The course is elegantly presented in layers that build upon one another and as you progress through the program, you'll find yourself confidently moving forward with a sturdy foundation beneath you. The best part of the program is the unwavering support you are guaranteed from the teachers and the wonderful people you'll meet within the yoga tribe.



After years of loving yoga and given my passion for teaching and helping others navigate their journeys, I decided to enroll in Kelly’s yoga teacher certification program. I was inspired by the perfection of the instruction of my yoga teacher as week after week I experienced her incredibly challenging and enjoyable classes. I wanted to learn from her. Kelly, no surprise, was just as incredible leading us through the certification program as she is as a yoga teacher. She is an expert and she enables you to grow exponentially through challenging you to begin teaching week one and through integrating theory, physical rigor and a depth of understanding of the practice and philosophy of yoga. Kelly encourages you to tap into your style while ensuring we all met the extremely high standards of the program. I am in awe when I look at how much we have grown and how well prepared our entire class is to teach and guide others. I also can see the impact of Kelly’s training ability when I take class after amazing class led by people Kelly has trained. There is a difference in the clarity of how they guide you through poses and the creativity of the flow of the class. Also, I found the structure of the one day of class per week for 4 months was the perfect design to fit into my schedule.



I strongly recommend this 200-hour yoga teacher training program. The course is structured to incorporate philosophy, anatomy and actual teaching. Kelly encourages each trainee to express their own unique strength. I cannot express how truly grateful I am for this experience! Kelly Santucci has given me the confidence and courage to continue my growth and practice. Whether you are looking to become a yoga teacher or are interested in growing as an individual, this training program is the place to be!



I loved everything about Kelly’s training program. It was well planned, informative and most of all it was FUN! I learned a lot from Kelly and what I liked about the training program were the special guests’ speakers. I’m so happy I made the decision to train with Kelly Santucci because I truly feel well prepared to teach yoga anywhere my heart desires. :)



Teacher Training (YTT 200) was a more than wonderful experience and I loved every minute of it. Kelly Santucci was my instructor and I can say that she is professional, fun and extremely knowledgeable. Kelly teaches with such a passion and genuine, natural wisdom for the yoga practice that the classes are truly more of an inner exploration coupled with yoga teachings, than straight up "school". I would definitely recommend this program to friends interested in the RYT 200 program. I feel as though I have made a life-long friend and mentor in Kelly, and that my graduating classmates are my friends for life as well. :) Thanks for a great experience!



Kelly gave us multiple opportunities to practice teaching, which really helped build confidence and allowed us to apply what we had learned about asana, alignment and effective and safe sequencing.



My experience far surpassed my expectations! Kelly Santucci is an incredible teacher. She truly cares about her trainees and wants nothing more than to see us succeed. I have left my training feeling empowered and confident! I love teaching. This studio has literally changed my life.



There is nothing that could have been done to make this training a better, richer, fuller experience. Kelly's direction and instruction was steeped in experience, knowledge, care, support, compassion, and love for yoga and her students. The added workshops and specialty trainings from experienced educators rounded out the experience and made it truly special and complete. I would happily and wholeheartedly recommend this training experience to anyone.



My instructor, Kelly Santucci, is a life changer. She is warm hearted, brilliant, down to earth and the most amazing instructor I could not have asked for anything more. She showed me how to be strong, brave, and find my inner yogi.



Going into the training I had no self confidence when it came to doing yoga . Kelly was always there telling me and reassuring me how well I was doing. She is a wonderful mentor and a beautiful yoga teacher. She has compassion and love for each one of her students . I hope that I will be as graceful and beautiful in my practice as she is everyday.



A very hands-on and motivating program! I felt supported and encouraged throughout the course. I highly recommend Kelly Santucci as an instructor and mentor!



Kelly is amazing. Super immersive and extremely supportive training - would 100% recommend!


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