After years of loving yoga and given my passion for teaching and helping others navigate their journeys, I decided to enroll in Kelly’s yoga teacher certification program. I was inspired by the perfection of the instruction of my yoga teacher as week after week I experienced her incredibly challenging and enjoyable classes. I wanted to learn from her. Kelly, no surprise, was just as incredible leading us through the certification program as she is as a yoga teacher. She is an expert and she enables you to grow exponentially through challenging you to begin teaching week one and through integrating theory, physical rigor and a depth of understanding of the practice and philosophy of yoga. Kelly encourages you to tap into your style while ensuring we all met the extremely high standards of the program. I am in awe when I look at how much we have grown and how well prepared our entire class is to teach and guide others. I also can see the impact of Kelly’s training ability when I take class after amazing class led by people Kelly has trained. There is a difference in the clarity of how they guide you through poses and the creativity of the flow of the class. Also, I found the structure of the one day of class per week for 4 months was the perfect design to fit into my schedule.